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Doubleday Sports Complex is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation managed by a volunteer board of directors, established in 2016 to oversee project’s private fundraising and participate in facility design.

Through an agreement between the Wrench Ranch and the City of Sheridan, the 42 +/- acre parcel was donated to the City of Sheridan, and the city agreed to designate it as a park and become the dedicated location for DDSC with Sheridan Recreation District providing the operations and maintenance management.

Doubleday Sports Complex Board Members:
The Doubleday Sports Complex committee is a group of eight separate organizations representing a variety of sports and community interests with a shared vision and mission for the development of a multi-sports complex.

  • Nathan Mullinax, President
  • Mike McCafferty, Vice President
  • Don Julian, Secretary
  • Richard Wright, Treasurer
  • Derek Gilbert
  • Richard Hall
  • Danny Keller
  • Dustin Shaw
  • Tammy Switzenberg

Executive Staff:

Sheridan Recreation District

Property Owner:
City of Sheridan


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Sheridan, Wy

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