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Fund Raising : “Dream Bigger”

  • Public-private partnerships
  • Add value to our community
  • Lasting legacy for generations

Initial Gift: Thank you!

Our campaign is founded on local benefactors, Neltje along with Butch Jellis, owners of the Wrench Ranch, who gifted us the land, an incredible gift indeed.  We anticipate that with 100% participation from our recreational community, successful grant awards from local and regional philanthropic foundations and corporations, and securing local and state infrastructures support will complete construction of this amazing project by 2020.

Community Goal

It takes a team!  Family, friends and neighbors are all part of making this dream a reality.

Community goal is to raise $1 million dollars which will be leveraged to secure an additional $3 million from foundations and corporations.

  • With 1,000 families donating $30/month for 3 years the community can raise $1 million
  • For ever dollar the community raises, additional funds will be secured to match those dollars.

Doubleday Sports Complex is grateful to everyone who donates to the capital campaign.  Without your generous donation of money, materials, and equipment, this project will remain a dream.  In recognition of your efforts, DDSC is creating a lasting tribute and thank you to our donors of varying levels with a dedication area in the central hospitality plaza at the complex.


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