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Illustrative Drawing (not final):


build fields, establish new green space, and connect the community

So, given the numbers of sneakers, cleats and balls all over town, literally scraping and jockeying for time and space, this is where we all come in. Our intention is to build sports and community amenities within the park to include approximately 4 soccer fields, 4 youth baseball fields, and 4 softball fields with community areas for picnic and family gathering. This is a true collaborative and will establish a regional sports destination and economic stimulant to our local economy.

Key Features:


4 Little League: 46-60’ & 50 -70’ Base Paths
Babe Ruth, 13-14 yr. old Base Path capable


4 Adult fields for Men, Women & Coed
Tournament specs: 300’ with 46-60’, 50-70’, 54-80’ Base Paths


2 Competition & Tournament Specs: 210’ x 260’ – High School 3A &4A, College
1 Junior Field: 200’ x 300’
Multiple Flex-use Fields: U12 – 240’ x 150’; U6 – 90’ x 50’


Little Guy Football – dedicated practice fields for all players
Fields suitable for any age player


Sports Camps, State Tournaments, Trainings, Cross-country running
Schools Field Trips, Outdoor Learning, Recreation Management experience


  • Multi-sport facility
  • On-site walk/run path that connects with Sheridan Area Pathways system
  • Flexible field layouts for practices, games, competitions & sports
  • Spectator Seating
  • Hospitality and Information Plaza with Donor appreciation area
  • Family & Play areas
  • Concessions – including multi-use kitchen which may be rented
  • Lighting & turf in some designated areas
  • Restrooms
  • Parking


Primary Construction 2017 – 2020, Wyoming weather and funding dependent. 2020 – on: Finish out of final amenities, the scope and detail of which will be design and funding dependent.

To achieve the vision and goals requires an aggressive timeline and budget. The committee is clear in its philosophy that it is best to do a well-done project fully and correctly the first time.  So, working with local professionals – engineers, contractors, and architects, the timeline begins now with preliminary dirt work, design, and securing funds so that the majority of park will be built during 2018-2019, and wrap up by 2020.

Dream Bigger:

Economic Stimulus and Regional Enhancement

Not only will this park address needs for our own use but it also adds capacity to host new events and attract visitors traveling through, as this park will be an aesthetically pleasing entry to our community from the north. Our board in partnership with the City of Sheridan clearly represents the community and spectrum of user groups with a commitment to design a destination that meet the needs of athletes across age and sport as well as enhances Sheridan for all of us.  With this opportunity and through public and private partners financially committing we will able to celebrate creating a space where all ages and abilities may gather to have fun and make memories.

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