In July 2018, the Doubleday Sports Complex Board of Directors commissioned a thorough needs assessment to test our assumptions about the need for additional sports fields in the Sheridan area. This assessment focused on how the proposed Doubleday Sports Complex could help meet these requirements. In addition, other community recreation uses of the complex were also investigated.

While this study focused on the need for additional sports fields, it also examined potential use of the Doubleday Sports Complex by other organizations as well as the general public.

The study identified the following needs that could be solved by the new fields and other facilities at the Doubleday Sports Complex:

  • Growth in population – in the next five years, the 5-17 age group in Sheridan County is expected to grow almost 8%

  • Growth in overall participation is expected to increase due to growing popularity of traditional sports and the introduction of new sports

  • Greatest demand is for diamond fields to support the needs of youth baseball, girls’ softball, and adult softball

  • Demand for additional rectangular fields is also increasing, fueled by growth in participation rates in soccer and new sports such as lacrosse and rugby

  • Growing demand for trails, pickleball courts, places to hold cross-country meets, etc.

  • Demand for community use amenities such as picnic areas adjacent to sports fields

  • Need for field maintenance funding through use fees

  • Need for higher level of field maintenance in order to attract tournament play

Outdoor Recreation Holds Immense Opportunity for Youth, Adults

Coach Don Julian discusses the value of outdoor recreation to youth and adults alike, noting that community organizations have to juggle schedules on existing facilities – leaving programs like Little Guy football practicing at 8:30 at night. In addition to expanding capacity for current programs, Doubleday Sports Complex offers a vision for the future in which high school and collegiate programs can expand their outdoor sports activities.