Economic Stimulus and Regional Enhancement

The Doubleday Sports Complex will address the current shortage of playing field space within the Sheridan community and add capacity to host new events. Located at the north gateway to the city, the park will enhance our community entry area and attract visitors traveling through on Interstate 90.

The Doubleday Board of Directors is working in close partnership with the City of Sheridan and community user groups to design a destination that meets the needs of athletes across age and sport.

With your support, we will create a space where all ages and abilities may gather to have fun and make memories!

Sporting Events Bring In Outside Dollars to Local Economy

Shawn Parker, the Executive Director of Sheridan Travel and Tourism, highlights the economic benefit of events that bring outside visitors to the community. Shawn notes that the average overnight visitor spends about $250 per day, and existing events already bring thousands of visitors per year to the community. The Doubleday Sports Complex will expand the capacity for hosting tournaments and other traveling sports events, which in turn will drive direct economic impact to the area.

Doubleday Supports Local Business

Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce CEO Dixie Johnson gives highlights the ways that Doubleday Sports Complex will contribute to the local economy in both quality of life and direct economic benefits.

Project Overview

  • 4 Little League: 46-60’ & 50 -70’ Base Paths
  • Babe Ruth, 13-14 yr. old Base Path capable

Area Youth Shares Love for Baseball

A member of the community’s youth shares his love for baseball and looks forward to new opportunities with Doubleday Sports Complex.

  • 4 Adult fields for Men, Women & Coed
  • Tournament specs: 300’ with 46-60’, 50-70’, 54-80’ Base Paths

Doubleday Provides Recreation for All Ages

Board President Nathan Mullinax notes Doubleday Sports Complex will be the first new baseball complex for the area in more than 30 years, and notes that even more recently-added facilities are overflowing on capacity. In addition to adding baseball, softball and soccer facilities for youth, Doubleday will host pickleball courts and other recreation opportunities for all ages.
  • 2 Competition & Tournament Specs: 210’ x 260’ – High School 3A &4A, College
  • 1 Junior Field: 200’ x 300’
  • Multiple Flex-use Fields: U12 – 240’ x 150’; U6 – 90’ x 50’

Doubleday Offers Families Greater Opportunity for Activities Without the Cost of Travel

The Zebroski family share their family’s love for soccer and the role it has played in shaping how kids grow into community members. While driving around the state for competitions is an adventure, they note how much time and money it takes to provide their children with these competitive opportunities. Doubleday Sports Complex would provide quality facilities right here at home, offering families like the Zebroskis the chance to play more games without the cost of traveling.

Doubleday: A Single Location for the Community's Soccer Programs

Jim Manor, President of the Sheridan County Soccer Association, highlights the value of Doubleday Sports Complex to the local soccer community. One of the greatest benefits will be to host all of the soccer programs in a single location, as these programs are spread all over the area based on schedules and facility availability.

  • 8 outdoor pickleball courts

Dedicated Pickleball Courts Boon for Local Players, Visitors

Mick Wiest of the Big Horn Mountain Pickleball Club talks about the value of having outdoor pickleball facilities for hometown players and out-of-town visitors alike.

  • Little Guy Football – dedicated practice fields for all players
  • Fields suitable for any age player

Outdoor Recreation Holds Immense Opportunity for Youth, Adults

Coach Don Julian discusses the value of outdoor recreation to youth and adults alike, noting that community organizations have to juggle schedules on existing facilities – leaving programs like Little Guy football practicing at 8:30 at night. In addition to expanding capacity for current programs, Doubleday Sports Complex offers a vision for the future in which high school and collegiate programs can expand their outdoor sports activities.

  • Sports camps
  • State tournaments
  • Trainings
  • Cross-country running
  • School field trips
  • Outdoor learning
  • Recreation management experience

Doubleday Offers Base Location for Running, Other Sports

Seth Ulvestad, Executive Director of the Sheridan Recreation District, discusses the value Doubleday Sports Complex as a base for local running clubs and youth cross country. Beyond the value to the running community, Seth shares his perspective from the Rec District that Doubleday is a huge opportunity to expand their programs in terms of both enrollment capacity and hosting space for tournaments.

New Facilities Expand Community Access to Growing Activities

Chris Crow of Sheridan Rugby discusses a growing passion for rugby in the community and the importance of having proper facilities to provide greater exposure to the sport. In addition to the Doubleday Sports Complex value to rugby, Chris highlights the importance of having a central sports location to bring community members together and attract visitors.

  • Multi-sport facility
  • On-site walk/run path that connects with Sheridan Area Pathways system
  • Flexible field layouts for practices, games, competitions & sports
  • Spectator seating
  • Hospitality and information plaza with donor appreciation area
  • Family and play areas
  • Concessions – including multi-use kitchen which may be rented
  • Lighting and turf in some designated areas
  • Restrooms
  • Parking

Doubleday: Filling a Community Need for Sports Facilities

Board Member Mike McCafferty discusses the needs that inspired community members to come together and create the vision for Doubleday Sports complex, as well as the need for facilities to support the number of local youth baseball teams and host traveling teams from throughout the region.

Doubleday Offers Something for Everyone

Executive Board Member Darci Phillips explains what Doubleday Sports Complex has to offer for the community and how diversification of recreation is an important part of our economic future.